Thoughts are powerful; pay attention to yours.

Do you encourage yourself with positivity or hold yourself back with negativity?

Here's some ways to help you stay positive.

Set Yourself Short Term Realistic Goals. This way you are more likely to achieve them and feel good about yourself. 

Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy will help you feel better in yourself but don’t stop yourself from having those foods you love, just have them in moderation or a certain evening a week, this will help keep you going and will stop you feeling guilty when you do have them.

Exercise Regularly.

This will help you feel better and help you achieve your goals. When you exercise you release endorphins which put you in a better mood, this will help to keep you thinking positively.

Envision Your Success.

Just think how amazing you’re going to feel in a years time, think about how you feel when you reach your goals. Remember it takes time, but time goes so fast.

Stop The Negative Thoughts.

Most of us find it much easier to find the negative in ourselves than the positives. When you find yourself thinking something negative try looking for the positive, or think about how you’re going to change that negative into a positive.

Don’t Try To Be Someone Else.

Everyone’s different, don’t look at others and wish you looked like them, look at yourself and discover how you can be the best version of you, you need to love you body not hate it. 

Be Your Own Cheerleader.

You wouldn’t put someone else down when their trying to reach their goals when their struggling, you would support and help them get there, you need to do this for yourself too. Keep reminding yourself of how well you’re doing, look at all the changes you’ve made so far. 

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