Love Your Body

How amazing are our bodies!

The hard work our bodies do, day in and day out, they never get a rest even when we are sleeping they are working hard to keep us alive, yet we punish them, we don’t give them the nutrients they need to do their job to the full, we look in the mirror and give them hatred, we tell them daily the things we don’t like about them, we don’t give them the exercise they need to reach their full health.

Eating healthy and exercising is one of the first steps you can take to start loving your body, feed your body what it needs, not what your mind wants. Our bodies are incredible places, we need to treat them with love and respect. Help make it easier for them to do their job on a daily basis, help them feel good, once you take this step it’s easier to conquer the mind.

Preparation is key, plan your workouts and meals for the week ahead, have as much variety of “natural” foods as you can, this way you’ll be getting a wide range of nutrients which your body needs for everyday general health. Remember “diets” are ineffective, that is a fact. 98% of people who go on a “diet” to lose weight will put that weight back on within 1 year. It’s about getting the right balance and finding a healthy lifestyle that suits you.

The aim is to have as many “natural” foods as possible, make food from scratch as much as you can and exercise for 150 minutes per week which equates to just 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Life is a journey, take your first step today to creating a healthier, happier you. Your journey will last a lifetime, we are always changing and doing new things, there are no quick fixes just healthy habits, think how quickly the last year has gone, and how quickly the next year will go. Let’s learn to love our bodies, minimise the risk of medical conditions and live our lives to the full.

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