Body Positivity Changed My Life

1 year ago I started a course to become a life coach, doing this changed everything. It changed the way I reacted to situations and it changed the way I looked at myself. The more I found positivity in my life the better I felt.

It wasn’t until I started to love my body that I actually started to lose the baby weight. Naturally I started getting out more as I wasn’t ashamed of my body, I started to walk more, then workout more as it made me feel good. Not once have I done a workout because I’ve wanted to lose weight, I’ve simply done it as I know how good it makes me feel, especially for my mindset. I also then didn’t want to reach for those sugary foods as I knew how tired they make me feel and when I wasn’t getting much sleep anyway as I was up with my baby a lot in the night the last thing I wanted to do was feel any worse.

Body positivity is a form of self-love where we value our shapes and sizes because we are all without a doubt beautiful. It is about feeling good about your body and in turn, it helps to make you feel comfortable with who you are on the inside too. By altering how we see ourselves by accepting our imperfections, it can allow us to fall in love with who we are.

Body positivity is not about being vain or conceited. It is about looking in the mirror and seeing all of the attributes that you love about yourself. Instead of only seeing our imperfections. It’s about walking confidently out of a changing room and not feeling guilty that you couldn’t fit into those jeans you tried on. Everyone goes through phases where we do not feel great about our appearance, but what is important is knowing that despite what you may consider your flaws that these factors do not define you.

Tips to help you find self love -

  1. Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself at least one thing you love about yourself. 

  2. Surround yourself with positive people.

  3. Get rid of those people in your life who put you down, even if you just distance yourself from them it will help with your mindset.

  4. Treat your body to some tlc. Book a spa day, have a massage, get your nails done, anything that makes you feel good.

  5. Exercise because it makes your body feel good. Exercise shouldn’t be viewed as something that we do only when we’re trying to lose weight. Exercise is a true form of self love for your body, because it’s just good for you all the way around. So exercise because it’s healthy for your body, and because it makes you feel great. Exercise can boost your self esteem, energy, motivation, and mood so what’s not to love?

  6. Give self praise. If you’ve done something new or done something well no matter what is is then praise yourself. Tell yourself how well you’ve done.

  7. Be thankful for what you’ve got. Wake up in the morning and write down 3 things you’re grateful for. 

  8. Don’t spend your life looking at people on social media you wish you could be. Everyone has different goals, remember a lot of people on social media have been airbrushed and photos are taken at specific angles to make them look at their best.

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