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Our team of personal trainers have a vast and diverse background, with experts in many different fields. We place a premium on providing good value through impeccable professionalism and investing in continuing the education of our trainers.


From toning and cardio to mat-based body conditioning, we bring the workout to you. We make it possible to train, no matter what the week throws at you. 


Our aim is to help you to fall in love with exercise and understand how your body works so that you can create long-term healthy habits. We understand that there is no “one-size-fits all” policy when it comes to exercise. We will fully support and motivate you through every step of your journey.


All personal training packages include measurements, nutrition advice, customised workouts, our app and our full support.

Personal Training Sessions With Kirsty Bartholomew

Fully Qualified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

45 Minute Session

Hailsham & Eastbourne

Single Session - £26

10 Sessions - £240

2 people - £16 pp

3 People - £12 pp

60 Minute Session

Hailsham & Eastbourne

Single Session - £34

10 Sessions - £320

2 people - £20 pp

3 People - £16 pp

45 Minute Session

Heathfield & Mayfield

Single Session - £29

10 Sessions - £270

2 people - £18 pp

3 People - £14 pp

60 Minute Session

Heathfield & Mayfield

Single Session - £37

10 Sessions - £350

2 people - £22 pp

3 People - £18 pp

Please enquire for a personal training package if you don’t live in the areas listed above.



We believe your nutrition and training should make your life better, not harder. Our personal trainers work in partnership with you to create positive changes towards your goal.


No matter your starting point, exercise is accessible to all. We offer training sessions in a place that suits you so there is no need to find time to get to the gym and no need to find childcare.



We can transform any space into your training ground, whether it’s a park, your home, office or garden, we will bring all the equipment needed for the session.


Great start to the week so far, 3 exercise classes last night thanks to Kirsty Davies. Love the variety in the sessions. Then a fab PT session with Kirsty Parsons this morning, loved a bit of the boxing 🥊 Kirsty you love giving the confidence and motivation to all your clients! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it was down to Parsons convincing me to join her Friday morning 6am class, which I LOVE 💕 !!! Now the addiction has extended to Monday evenings club fit, core fit and drum fit!!! And starting PT session with Kirsty to help me hit my goals! The support from all 3 of you is great and so amazing! 😘

Chloe Simpson


Fantastic! Amazing! Encouraging! Honestly 5+ ⭐️ Highly recommend 

Marie Thacker


I love my PT sessions, and classes with BodyFit revolution. They are always a great source of inspiration and motivation. Having been with them for a few years now I've had sessions for pregnancy fitness, and post-pregnancy fitness, both of which definitely helped my confidence and made for a speedy recovery. Not to mention I've had lots of fun along the way! I am pleased I decided to invest in those session all those years ago!

Sophie Raubenheimer

Kirsty is AMAZING! Brilliant at motivating you as I have no motivation by myself! She comes to your house and does a PT session with you in your own home, so so convenient!

Jessie Cro