What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is designed to help provide you with the support and guidance you need to excel in any area of your life. This could be in your career or personal life.

What does a Life Coach do?

They Help You Identify Goals

They Help You Achieve Your Goals

They Guide You Through Changes and Obstacles

They Teach You How to Make the Right Decisions for Yourself


Some of the reasons people have a Life Coach is:

To achieve their goals and be successful

To find happiness

To find their life purpose

To do what they love

To decide on or change their career

To be more confident

To find love or improve their relationships

Meet Kirsty Davies, Founder of BodyFit Revolution.

"My mission is to bring positivity to peoples lives, to empower them, inspire them and help them reach a better and more fulfilled life. 

I have been working within the fitness industry for over 7 years, I have helped many achieve their goals from running a marathon to weight loss. After working closely with my personal training clients I realised there was something more I needed than to just be a personal trainer, to help them overcome boundaries and help change the way they look at certain aspects of their lives. This is when I decided to become a life coach.

I have a very positive outlook on life and have thrived in helping others, I have been running a successful fitness business for over 6 years and would love to help others achieve their goals."

Pricing and Information

Sessions can be over the phone, in a local cafe or at your home.

Sessions last for 60 minutes and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Sessions can take place during the day, evening or at the weekend.

If you would like to discuss the information further I offer free consultations over the phone or by email.

Session charges are -

Direct Session (in person) - £40 per hour

Phone Session - £35 per hour

6 x Direct Coaching Sessions - £228

6 x Phone Coaching Sessions - £198

Sessions are payable either by cash or BACs. Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase and paid for in advance. I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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